Trauma & EMDR Therapy

Reconnect with yourself by processing the trauma.
Have you been wanting to feel more calm in your life? Often when you have experienced trauma it creates a situation where you have trouble breathing and being in the present moment. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma therapy allows you to heal and put down the baggage (trauma) so that you can step into the present without it.
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Trauma & the Brain


  • Feeling like you are walking on egg shells or waiting for the other shoe to drop are feelings that people who have experienced trauma can resonate with.
  • The brain reacts in certain ways to traumas to help keep you safe at the time. Those coping strategies may not be the most helpful in your everyday life.
  • Feeling down or hyper-alert or like your brain is in a fog are normal for a brain that has experienced trauma.
  • Building new resources for your tool box to help get your brain turned on again is the first step.
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Finding Calm


  • Increase understanding of your emotions.
  • Build new resources for your tool box for coping with emotions.
  • Increase your time during the day that you experience being grounded and calm.
  • Transfer the resources created in therapy to other parts of your life.
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EMDR Therapy


  • EMDR is a type of therapy that originally came out of the United States for people coming back
    from war with trauma.
  • EMDR is widely studied and now has been applied to all different type of trauma.
  • EMDR activates both sides of the brain so that the traumatic experience is re-intigrated in a different way.
  • The memories will not disappear but the disturbing emotions surrounding the memories will decrease.

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