Reconnecting with yourself through equine therapy.

Horses and nature can assist in creating an environment that allows you to open the door to change.

Equine Therapy Sessions Are Available April Through September.

Have you felt the need for creating more calm in your life?
Horses are wonderful models and teachers for creating calm in life. Spending time with horses allows you to experience the feeling of calm and bring it into other parts of your life. Equine therapy can allow you the window to make change feel more attainable, increase your understanding about yourself and spend more time during the day being grounded.
Horses change lives. They give…people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.

~Toni Robinson

Creating Change

Creating Change

  • If you are feeling like you want to create change but may be intimidated by the idea of counselling, horses may help bridge the gap.
  • Equine therapy allows you a less traditional way to create change.
  • Equine therapy offers experiential learning and bottom-up processing rather then the more traditional (thinking) top-down processing.
  • Equine therapy works by creating a partnership between you, the horse and me (psychologist) to create change.
  • If you are feeling lost or confused and want to do something different in your life, the gentle trusting nature of horses can help light the path for change.
Creating Change

Understanding Yourself

  • Horses have the ability to mirror back to you your own experiences which increases your own understanding of your world.
  • Horses are sentient mystical beings with the ability to show up to sessions in a healing way.
  • Equine therapy can teach you about boundaries, leadership and creating attachment.
  • Having a greater understanding of your own world allows you to better navigate the present.
Creating Change

Finding Calm

  • Equine therapy can help increase understanding of your emotions.
  • Increase the resources in your tool box for coping with emotions.
  • Equine therapy may increase the time each day that you experience being grounded and calm.
  • Experiencing a more regulated calmer version of you during equine therapy can make it much easier to transfer those resources to other parts of your life.

Connect with nature and yourself today.

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