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Creating Calm Through Equine and Nature Based Psychology
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Equine Therapy

Why Equine Therapy?

  • If you are feeling like you want to create change but may be intimidated by the idea of counselling, the gentle nature of horses can help bridge the gap.
  • Equine therapy offers experiential learning and bottom-up processing rather then the more traditional (thinking) top-down processing.
  • Horses are sentient mystical beings with the ability to show up to sessions in a healing way.
  • Equine therapy may help increase your understanding of yourself as well as understanding of your emotions.
  • Finding new resources in your tool box for coping with emotions.
  • Increase the time each day that you experience being grounded and calm.
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Grief and Loss

  • Your grief and loss journey is individual.
  • Your emotions are normal.
  • Grief and Loss feelings can be experienced with many different life events.
  • You can experience grief and loss with the loss of a pet, a job or health condition.
  • Feeling like it is hard to make decisions and like your brain is in a fog is normal.
  • Building new resources for your tool box so that you can get your brain functioning again.
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Trauma and EMDR

  • Learning about how trauma affects the brain is the first step.
  • Feeling like you are walking on egg shells or waiting for the other shoe to drop are experiences that people who have experienced trauma can resonate with.
  • The brain reacts in certain ways to traumas to help keep you safe at the time. Those coping strategies may not be the most helpful in your everyday life.
  • Increase the time each day that you experience being grounded and calm.
  • EMDR is a type of therapy that can help process the traumatic experience resulting in increased functioning.
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Transition from Sport

  • You have obtained skills during sports that can be transferred outside of sport.
  • Skills such as hard work, resilience and teamwork that are learned during sport and are valuable in the work force.
  • Increase understanding of your emotions during the transition.
  • Transitioning out of sport can feel like a grief and loss.
  • Finding new purpose and meaning.

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